Life is beautiful when a party sacrifices one another, but it is more beautiful when the parties race to delight each other. I love those minutes I am with you, when we are like children in our conversation and in our laughter, I care nothing more than you, as if I were created for you, but I was created for you. It’s nice to wake up to the voice of someone you love to tell you that Dunk’s life is meaningless. Do not leave someone dear to you because of a slip or defect, there is no one but God Almighty. If love was a book I used to be his papers, if love was a pen, I would have told him, if love had been a rainbow I would have been rain, if love had been for her I would have been her child. If love had been a mountain I would have been his first tree. If love was a kingdom for me I would be the queen, if love was a hobby for you first of her love, if love was a tree for you first fruit, if love was a plant I was the first to plant it If love was a trade for you first to run it, if you love the industry you would be the first to make it, if it was love I was the first to Dinah inhabited. I got involved with you and ended up, I no longer love you but I adore you. Do not be sad if a killer arrow comes from the nearest people to your heart, you will find someone who takes away the arrow and brings back life and smile. If a man loves a woman who hides her in fear of being stolen by others, and a woman if she likes a man to betray him so that no one tries to approach him. If I had to give you my eyes to put it in your hands, if I could give you my heart to remove it from my chest and presented it to you, if I could give you my age to record my days in your name. Love is the warmth of the hearts and the tone played by devotees on the strings of joy, and the candle of existence, which is chains and restrictions, yet needs the great before the small. Love is not born but penetrates the eyes like lightning lightning. Men in principle sacrifice to anyone, and women for the person sacrifice any principle. I am immersed in the depths of your life, and I live on your voice and the warmth of your tones, and study the magic of your looks, Oh, who impressed me magnificence of beauty, I loved the moment of your silence paper dialogue, who was the date of my birth, the day of your meeting. Life taught me that love is not to be close to who you love, but to trust that you are in the heart of who you love. Do not put all your dreams in one person, do not make the journey of your life face someone you love whatever his qualities, and do not think that the end of things is the end of the world is not the universe is what you see your eyes. Love has many kinds, attention to your love, and fear of you love, and be careful to your happiness love, and accept your love, and sometimes your love love. Do not wait for your lover to sell you, and wait for a new light that can sneak into your sad heart, restore your days to joy, and restore your heart a beautiful pulse. If the words of love are written, my words are finished, but love is a gift of souls. Life taught me to make my heart a city of love and tolerance. The most beautiful geometry in life is building a bridge of hope over a sea of ​​despair. Do not try to look for a dream that is yours, and try to make the refraction state the beginning of a new dream. In the life of each of us is a person like the needle, if the catch bothers you and hurts, you may cry out and may cry, if you find him holding him well, because you will eventually realize that he was stitching what you have torn yourself. If there are those who love you, you are a lucky person, and if he is sincere in his love you are the most fortunate. Do not look at the papers that have changed color and faded letters and faded lines between pain and brutality, you will discover that these lines is not the most beautiful and I wrote these papers is not the last I wrote. Love laughs and laughs, we are happy and chastened, and the taste of passion is not repented, and does not benefit from the blame and repentance, it is true that the passion Ghabab, and the love of passion once remained under his command, on the sweet and on time, cold, and on Jamra. How can I erase you from the leaves of my memory, and you are in the heart like engraving in the stone? I love you, you who inhabit my blood. If you are in China, or if you are in the moon, there is something of the unknown in you. Sometimes there are those who love you silently, respect you silently, and take care of yourself, and keep away when he sees you busy with others, and prevents him pride to approach you. Do not be like a heron, this strange bird that sings the most beautiful of its pubes and it bleeds, nothing in this world deserves your blood one point. Love torment in the hearts of young people, love plant in the hearts of girls, love legend in broken hearts, love evil is a must. When you see me in my talk I use your terms, it means that I love you. If the winter closes the doors of your house, and the icebergs surround you from every place, wait for the arrival of the spring, open your windows to the breaths of fresh air, and look far away. You will see the swarms of birds singing again, and you will see the sun and its golden threads on the tree branches to create a new life, a new dream and a heart. New. Wondering what happens to us, the closer we are to someone we have separated, and the more we loved something we lost, and the more we smile, the more we shed life. I love you and I have taken my decision, so who is the oldest, my excellency, no authority in love above my authority, opinion is my opinion and the choice is my choice. I love you when the streets are washed with the tears of the rain, and when the color of copper becomes the foliage. If you do not gather dreams, if you do not combine dreams, then memories will bring us together, and you will be overwhelmed by hope and meeting. If your ship docks on the beach of memories, one of its passengers will make me. When we love our feelings are linked to fear, fear of loss, afraid of parting, and afraid of more. You do not feel that the road is narrow; there is always another, there is another direction, there is another place, there is another person, there is another answer, and there is another day. And the people of love, even taste

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