Undead Girl Gang

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  1. Hello The tale of lover and lover Part

    My King, when the king heard the story of the young man, marveled at the great wonder and went out of his fire when he heard the beauty of Ms. Dunya, and realized Shahrazad morning and silent about the permissible words.

    And on the 56th night, she said: I have heard from you, the happy King, that Minister Dandan said to the light of the place: Then the crown of kings said to the young man: « Allah has done you something that happened to one of his ideals. But this is the appreciation of your Lord and my destiny. » ? He said, « Describe to me how I saw those boys who photographed the deer. » He said, « My Moulay, I have reached it with a trick. I did not enter the caravan with her. I went out and ran in the orchards, and there were many trees. And he said to me, « Let the daughter of the king go out into the orchard and smell the flowers. » I said to him, « I have the right to sit in this place until I have to have a look. »
    The Shaykh said: There is nothing wrong with that, and when he said that, I gave him some dirham and said to him: Buy something for us to eat, and he rejoiced when he took the dirham and opened the door. He said to me: « I have disappeared and I have disappeared. If I have black feathers I take my head out of the door and he said: ‘Sheikh, the door of the orchard. When I saw her, I thought that the moon came down into the earth To less thirsty Kachtyak to the water and closed the door after an hour and ago.

    Then I went out of the orchard and went to my house and knew that I did not get out of it and I was one of its men, especially as I became like a woman. I said to myself: This is the daughter of the king and I am a merchant. Where should I come from? When my friends are ready to leave, I prepare and travel with them. , And when we came to this road we met you and this is my story and what happened to me and peace.

    When the crown of kings heard that talk, his heart worked with the love of Donia and then he rode his horse and took Aziz with him and went to his father’s city and gave him a house and set him everything he needed. Then he left him and went and his tears were running on his cheek. On that case, even entered by his father and found a variable color, he knew that he was concerned and mummified, he said to him: Oh and tell me about your situation and what happened to you until you change your color and told him all what happened to him from the story of the minimum from the first to the last, and how love to hear and did not see the eye, He said: O my son, that her father is a king and his country is far from us, and he gave you this and entered your mother’s palace.

    And Shahrazad knew that it was morning so she stop from talking from what she should.

    And on the 577th night she said: I have known to you, the happy king, that the father of the crown of kings said to him, « My son, that her father is a king and his country is far from us, so let you enter this palace and enter your mother’s palace. There are five hundred women running like the moons. The kings will be better than the lady Donya said to him: « My father, I do not want others, which is the picture of the deer that I saw, it is necessary, otherwise I go in the wilderness and kill my soul because of it. » He said to him: « O my son, I have the right to send to her father. » With your mother, and if he is not satisfied, his kingdom shall be shaken upon him, and an army shall be stripped of him, the last of which shall be for him J and ole him, then called the young man, Aziz said: Oh I Do you know the way? He said: Yes. He said to him: I desire you to travel with my minister and said to him: listen and obey. Then Aziz prepared with his minister and gave them gifts and traveled for days and nights until they supervised the islands of the camphor and settled on the shore of the river and the minister sent a messenger from him to the king to tell him to come, and after the departure of the Apostle half day did not feel only the veil of the king and his mother had come to them and to take them from the march of Forskh In the service until they entered the king to give him gifts and stayed with him four days and on the fifth day the minister and entered the king and stood in his hands and talk with him and told him because of his arrival, the king became puzzled in response to the answer because his daughter does not like marriage and knocked his head to the ground an hour and then lifted his head To some etc. He said to him: Go to your master Donya and tell her what you heard and what this minister has said. The servant stood up and missed an hour. Then he went back to the king and said to him, « King of time, when I entered Madonna, I told her what I had heard. » I was furious. And she said to me: If he was angry at marriage, I marry him kill him, said her father to the minister and Aziz peace to the king and told him so and my daughter does not like marriage. And Shahrazad knew that it was m



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